Several of the CRCGS events require pre-registration.  This is done for a variety of reasons, one of which is to afford the society the ability to contact attendees in advance if an event is canceled due to weather or other reasons.  Please ensure you register for the events that require registration so that you may be contacted by the society with any urgent updates.  In the future, only registered attendees will be notified of event cancellations.  The events that currently require registration include the Midwest Ancestry Research Group, Genealogy Tech Talk, The Master Genealogist Computer Interest Group, and any special eventsclasses or field trips.

The society currently has two recurring events that do not require registration:  weekly Genealogy SHARE and the 3rd Saturday monthly program.  Both these events have start times of 10:00am and may be more prone to be impacted by unexpected overnight bad weather.  Because the society doesn’t require registration for these events, there is no reliable way to notify attendees in advance.  The society will notify the library, or in the case that the library is closed or delayed opening, this information is typically posted on the library’s website. If you are unsure whether a morning event may be canceled, you can always call the library at (303) 791-7323.  The society will typically not email a last-minute cancellation since it may be ineffective in reaching everyone in time; therefore, if in doubt, contact the library.

Snow ShovelOccasionally the weather forecast may indicate bad weather far enough in advance for the society to notify everyone of the change in schedule; in all other last-minute cases, please rely on information from the library or an email cancellation notice to registered attendees.

CRCGS does not take the decision to cancel or postpone an event lightly; however, because many of our members, guests and presenters travel from distances beyond Castle Rock, we will err on safety’s side if the weather is a question.

If you have any questions about these policies and procedures, please contact the VP Communication at