2014Logo(1) Gone to TexasI am excited this week to be heading to San Antonio, Texas for the annual conference of the Federation of Genealogical Societies. Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society is an active member of FGS and several members of the society will be attending the event.

Gone to Texas is the theme of this year’s annual gathering of genealogical society leaders and others who will come to hear suggestions for society management and attend informative sessions about methodology, records, repositories and other concepts associated with genealogical research.

Genealogists from across the country will come to Texas to renew friendships with others who share their passion for family history. They also will come for inspiration and insight to new ideas for the next effort to scale a brick wall or preserve a collection of treasured information. Large multi-day national conferences, without question, offer to attendees a great return on their substantial investment.

Among the many benefits of attending the annual conference in San Antonio will be the opportunity to hear presenters such as J. Mark Lowe, a very popular speaker whose presentations at national and local events regularly draw large crowds. Attendees are attracted to his humor and helpful suggestions for genealogical research. Genealogists nationwide consider Mark to be among the premier seminar and conference speakers, and his lectures are always near the top of everyone’s must-attend list.

Those of us who live in the Denver metro-region are fortunate to have J. Mark Lowe speaking on October 4th at the Rocky Mountain Genealogical Seminar. While national events such as the FGS conference are tremendous opportunities for exposure to popular and distinguished presenters, not everyone has the time or resources to head to Texas or other national venues. How privileged we are to have Mark coming to us.

I hope you will join me in supporting the effort of the genealogical society in bringing to our members and neighbors the opportunity to hear a speaker who ranks among the best genealogists in the nation. Come hear Mark and be entertained, informed and inspired. And also come to support the effort of your society to make available an opportunity that not everyone otherwise would enjoy.

So this week, think of those of us from our society who will be “Gone to Texas,” but also think of how you can continue to assist your local genealogical community with its mission to promote genealogy through educational opportunities such as the Rocky Mountain Genealogical Seminar.

Thank you kindly, pardner.

Kirk Woosley Patton
Castle Rock Genealogical Society