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The Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society is a leading family history organization in the use of modern communications tools to keep its members and visitors informed not only about society events but also happenings of the broader genealogical community. The society’s dynamic website, weekly e-newsletter and social media platforms serve these functions.


We have a dynamic presence on the internet with our informative website. Visit the site to find information about membership, learning opportunities, and ways to participate in society activities. A helpful calendar and list of upcoming events is available on the website.

News & Feature Articles

Also posted on the website are news and feature articles highlighting our members and their involvement in genealogy.

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The Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society strives to disseminate relevant and timely information to its members and the genealogical community. See below to specify how you would like to receive email news.

The Genealogy Minute eNewsletter

The CRCGS Weekly eNewsletter, titled “The Genealogy Minute,” is recommended for all subscribers because it provides weekly highlights and timely reminders.  All other email lists are based on specific topics of interest and are only sent as needed.

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Please click the button below to update your email preferences.  You will be able to select various topics of interest so you receive a customized email experience from the society.

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The society values your privacy and will never sell, rent or share your email information.  By using Constant Contact, the society will deliver a secure and attractive email experience for its subscribers.

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If you have information that you would like to share with the group, please use our Contact Us page to get in touch with us.  We gladly post information that helps keep our members informed and up-to-date.