“Finding English Families in Online Sources Beyond Ancestry and Family Search.” by Ed Story

Feb 17 Topic:  Finding English Families in Online Sources Beyond Ancestry and Family Search, by Ed Storey

Many people, when looking for English ancestors do not venture far beyond Ancestry or FamilySearch.  In reality, there are many additional places to look, particularly, for earlier records.  The presentation will focus on other places to look, primarily sources that are free and online.  These include; Official Publications, online books, British Library, UK national archives and the like.   WE will go over the benefits and limitations of each of these.  In addition, there are examples that show what can actually be found.


Ed Storey grew in in Rochester and lived in El Paso & Beijing before moving to Colorado about ten years ago, with his wife, Nancy.  He has been working on genealogy since about 2000 and occasionally writes magazine articles for genealogy magazines.  His interest is finding contemporary sources that do more than just provide vital records.  He has had good success with online groups and contacts with those who have posted trees.  Ed worked for  GM for many years before retiring.  His ancestors are primarily from England and Germany.  He is getting close to venturing into the world of DNA testing.