“How to Record Your Family History”, by Dr. Ron Ross

January 21 Topic:  “How to Record Your Family History”, by Dr Ron RossDr Ron Ross

Save your Saturday morning to learn how to preserve your family history, how to prepare for an audio or video interview with relatives, what questions to ask and how to keep it interesting.  You will learn how to deal with sensitive issues like divorce or family troubles, how to stay on track and move the story forward without leaving out important events. You will be inspired and empowered to record and preserve the fascinating, meaningful and instructive stories that you have acquired over the years and to create treasures for your descendants by giving life to your ancestors.

For further information: http://www.recordyourfamilyhistory.com


Ronald Ross, BA, M.Div, D.Th.  Dr. Ross is the publisher of a weekly paper called Tidbits. Among other activities, he hosts the weekly show on Colorado’s oldest radio station 1310KFKA-AM; Author of several books on recording family history and publisher of Family History Report. (recordyourfamilyhistory.com)

Dr. Ross resides in Loveland, Colorado with his wife of 51 years.