Genealogy SHARE

The Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society offers a weekly drop-in event every Monday at 10:00am to Noon:

Genealogy SHARE–Sharing Help And Research Experience.

Genealogy is all about sharing, right?

Perhaps you have been researching for a long time and hit a brick wall, and the friendly advice from a fellow researcher just might be the tip you need to overcome an obstacle.

Perhaps you’ve been down that road before, and can share with another person to speed his or her research journey.

This is what SHARE is all about:  collaboration and peer-to-peer assistance.

Each SHARE session has a discussion leader who keeps the conversation moving, and most sessions have a computer operator who will conduct searches with group input that are projected for all to see.

Learning takes place by hearing other’s research problems, and then following the various paths that might produce answers.  Many attendees have provided testimonials to how valuable the knowledge they obtained at SHARE was in their personal research–when they encountered a similar problem to what had previously been researched at SHARE, they were already familiar with a research course likely to yield answers, so avoided frustration.

Come take part in the discussion, or even consider leading a discussion.  You might be surprised how the pieces of the puzzle come together with the help of the group!