“The Intricacies of Autosomal DNA”, by Dorothy Coltrin

January 16 Topic:  The Intricacies of Autosomal DNA 

“Autosomal DNA is probably the most popular type of DNA being done by genealogists and the least understood.  Besides describing the underlying biology of the analysis, I will provide some guidelines as well as examples from both Family Tree DNA and Ancestry to help you evaluate your data.  Please bring any DNA data that you have questions about.  Hopefully together we will be able to find an answer.”

Dorothy Coltrin


Dorothy Coltrin has a Master’s in Nutrition and taught at a California Community College for more than 30 years.  Since arriving in Boulder in 2003, she started her study of genealogy.  In 2006, she became the group administrator of the NC Coltrain surname project at Family Tree DNA with 20 members from both the Coltrane/Coltrain and the Coltrin families.  I am a member of Boulder Genealogical Society, WISE and NEHGS.