Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society
Our History

In the spring of 2008, a group of dedicated researchers met at the local library to talk about forming a genealogical society in our community. The brains behind it was retired teacher and former reference librarian, who could lead us in proper research practices and guide our enthusiasm for family history in a positive direction. Referrals from the library and word-of-mouth about the group formed a firm foundation of members. We learned from books, the internet, and each other.


Twelve people attended the 2008 organizing meeting, 20 had joined by the next month, and since that first year, CRCGS membership has grown to over 100 every year. Education and research continue to be primary goals, and a monthly program, speakers, classes, and roundtable discussions are the heart of our annual calendar. All are offered free of charge, and are open to the public. From beginner to expert, we welcome everyone.


Members wear society name badges to show their pride in the organization. We help newcomers one-to-one, and welcome problems and brick walls at a Monday morning guided discussion we call SHARE. Member dues, creative thinking, and willing hands have brought CRCGS a fine reputation and continued success.


In 2015, we applied for and received federal non-profit status 501(c)(3) after months of hard work, persistence, and substantial legal costs. After some reorganization, we continued to grow. Today our membership is stable and involved, and our leadership is dedicated to providing a reliable and accessible genealogical resource for our community. It is our goal to make this website a helpful tool in that effort.


Many changes have come, but some things remain. We still listen and learn from each other, and we are proud of what we have built. The future looks bright as we pursue the goals that united us in the beginning. CRCGS will continue to offer multiple opportunities for genealogists in our community and beyond.


Who can predict what other opportunities for genealogical learning may be coming from CRCGS? As always, we aim to please!