Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society
Our Mission
The Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society is dedicated to promoting an interest in genealogy and family history through education, mentoring, crowd sourcing and research.  We encourage high standards of research, instruction, documentation and preservation.
The Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society 
is an association of men and women meeting locally, but researching globally, with a burning interest in the discovery of our ancestry. Collectively and individually we seek answers to family history questions. As a non-profit organization, the society functions through the support of volunteers who contribute their knowledge, time, and effort. The society strives to provide inspiration, support, and encouragement for our members, as we research our family history and share our discoveries as we exchange information among members. 
We welcome anyone interested in genealogical research, from novice to advanced. Our many monthly programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of our membership. Our classes, programs and workshops are free, however we encourage everyone to consider becoming a member. And to assist our members in their genealogical research we offer the following:  
Every Monday:  SHARE from 10 AM until Noon
3rd Saturday of the Month:  Speaker Programs from 10 AM until Noon
As Announced:  roundtables, workshops, classes, field trips

President: Noel Ferre
Vice President: Vacant
Treasurer: Frank Snow
Secretary: Corinna Robert
Membership: Linda Anthony
Programs: Jennifer Carlisle
Education: Chris Hansen
Technology: Suzanne Adamson
Director: Walter Figel, Jr.
Director: Candy McCune
Director: Joyce McGough
Director: Cathy Smaha
Historian: Candy McCune
Hospitality: Mary Rose
Newsletter: Vacant
Outreach: Vacant
Publicity: Cathy Smaha
Our meetings are held at Philip S. Miller Library.  Check the Home page for possible cancellations or closures.