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Saturday, November 20
Case Study: Using Multiple DNA Sites to Investigate a Hidden Ancestral Line  (Program)
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Online - Zoom
Presented by Greg Liverman
Not all of your relatives test at the same DNA testing site. Just like we need to be able to use records of different types and from different repositories to prove relationships between one generation and another, we need to be able to combine the evidence from multiple DNA testing sites to establish evidence of relationships.
In this case study we will investigate a series of matches who did not appear to link into my ancestral lines. Through careful research of my matches on three different autosomal testing sites and combining that evidence into one master tree, it became apparent how these matches were related to me. In the process I gained new insights into a particular matriarchal line that had been frustrating me for a while.
Some of the DNA analysis techniques we will encounter are:
  • using trees attached to DNA kits
  • techniques for identifying the real identity of a match
  • evaluating the amount of DNA to estimate the number of generations to a common ancestor